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Montgomery and Harris County Offices COVID-19 Status

Posted by Tough Law Firm on Jul 6, 2020 4:05:00 PM

As of July 2020 and like many agencies that have in-office employees, Both Montgomery and Harris County government offices are generally remaining open during regular business hours with modifications to protect the public and employees. While most offices and services in both counties are open from either 7 or 8 A.M. in the morning until at least 4 P.M., Monday through Friday, every county office in Texas has been working to meet state safety guidelines to avoid the spread of COVID-19 and help slow its impact in communities.

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Law Services by Zoom

Posted by Tough Law Firm on Jun 16, 2020 11:07:00 AM

The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 has changed just about every aspect of life, from the way that we shop and socialize to the way that we conduct business. Just about every industry has had to search for a “new normal” that will help them survive and stay ahead through these times, and law services are no exception. While presence in the courtroom has long been an established norm within the field of law, more and more areas are shifting to allow all connected parties to participate in trials virtually, therefore limiting the amount of exposure that anyone has to another person. The use of services like Zoom in law procedures is especially helpful in ensuring that there is no prolonged contact between people, which is incredibly important in minimizing the spread of the virus.

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Force Majure: What Does It Mean, and Why Does It Matter?

Posted by Tough Law Firm on Apr 22, 2020 4:16:00 PM

During the Coronavirus crisis and at other times of difficulty, you might hear the term "force majure" used a lot. But what does that really mean, and how could it help you? Here's what you need to know about this unusual term.

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Montgomery County Texas Courts

Posted by Tough Law Firm on Mar 16, 2020 11:21:00 AM

Montgomery County is a burgeoning community that boasts several cities including its namesake Montgomery, The Woodlands, Shenandoah and the county seat of Conroe, TX. In fact, it is in the city of Conroe in which the majority of Montgomery County Texas Courts are situated for most of the legal needs of this region. From getting birth records or paying a ticket to fighting claims against you, these facilities are hubs you may visit.

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Voting 2020 - Montgomery County, Texas

Posted by Tough Law Firm on Feb 1, 2020 4:25:00 PM

Montgomery County, Texas voting dates and locations for upcoming local and national elections for 2020. You can search the Montgomery County Voter Registration Database to see if you are eligible and to view your precinct, polling location information, Sample Ballot, and elected officials. Get out and VOTE!

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Common HOA Legal Disputes

Posted by Tough Law Firm on Jan 29, 2020 9:35:00 AM

When you purchase a new home, you may be required to join a homeowners association, or HOA. Although this may seem like a small matter, it is important to understand the full legal implications of being part of one of these associations. The most common legal issues you can face involving the HOA or another type of property owners association fall into two main categories: homeowner breach of contract and HOA breach of contract. 

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Harris County & Montgomery County 2019 - 2020 Holidays

Posted by Tough Law Firm on Dec 2, 2019 10:55:00 AM

Here are the upcoming holidays for both Harris County and Montgomery County, so you can plan your schedule without any surprises. 

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Gifts and the Law: What to Know Before you Give — or Accept — a Gift

Posted by Tough Law Firm on Nov 12, 2019 11:03:00 AM

The holidays are rapidly approaching, and the biggest gift-giving days of the year are almost upon us, making this an ideal time to discuss the legalities of gift giving. Most of us know there are some "gifts" you can't legally give. You can't give away your kids, you can't offer a "gift" ( i.e., bribe) to a government official, and while actual monetary limits vary, your work probably won't allow you to accept a large gift either. Even personal gift giving has some legal issues involved -— make sure you are ready to give and receive gifts this holiday season, or any time of year. 

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Are Your Legal Affairs in Order? Follow This Checklist to Help You Ensure They Are

Posted by Tough Law Firm on Oct 16, 2019 11:36:00 AM

It is recommended that at least once a year, or when you have a major, life changing event, you review your estate planning documents to ensure that they are in order. Changes that occur within your life can cause these issues to be dated or no longer relevant. Here is a checklist that you should follow when determining if your legal affairs are in order. 

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Unique Clauses in Famous Wills

Posted by Tough Law Firm on Sep 18, 2019 10:14:00 AM

A last will and testament is a common tool used to document the creator's final wishes. Most wills are relatively mundane, passing property to spouses, children and other relatives without any real surprises. However, throughout history, there have been some wills that caught the world's attention with their odd and unique clauses. 

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